Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vittorio Scarbi: Known Adulterer

Were this not known to me personally, I would not post this. This is not something that I have heard, it is something I know in and of myself. Vittorio Scarbi is a married man that is having an affair with another woman, presently.

Scarbi is a renowned art critic from Italy. His mistress is an Albanian woman that is living in Italy. This is saddening to me: that such a renowned man is such a bad example of what success is. He has clearly demonstrated his ability to master the arts, in his field. In fact, given his success one could argue that he has mastered everything... except himself. Not only has he demonstrated an ability to succeed in the art critic field, but he was also elected into parliment in 1992. What does this mean? It means you have a well-spoken man that has not demonstrated an ability to manage his own life, deliberating on how a country should be managed. Is he alone in this? No. There are others that have paved the path upon which he now treads, also leaving wives and children in their wakes, taking no responsibility for the effects that they, the husbands and fathers, have upon their wives and posterity.

Shame be upon you Vittorio Scarbi. Shame on you.

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